Friday, June 6, 2014

Croissant Donut in Epcot

Hello all! I had such a great time on my vacation to Walt Disney World in Orlando. There is so much to see, do, and eat! Our time was limited, but we managed to do quite a bit. Since today was (or still is for a little longer), National Donut Day, I'll share something that can be found in Epcot.
Epcot is one of the 4 WDW theme parks. This park has 2 main areas which are Future World and World Showcase. We spent a lot of time in World Showcase. There you can travel to 11 different countries and experience a bit of their cultures and cuisine. It is FOODIE HEAVEN! 
Before embarking on my WDW trip, I did a little reading on some of the different foods offered there. One of the things I really wanted to try was the croissant donut. I've heard so much about the Cronut craze, but never got the chance to try one. I couldn't pass it up while I was there. 
As you enter World Showcase there is an area called Showcase Plaza. This is where you find Refreshment Port which sells croissant donuts as well as chicken nuggets with fries, soft-serve ice cream, and a variety of beverages. 

 The croissant donut looks just like a big donut that is covered in cinnamon and sugar.
After biting in to it, you can see all the layers of dough like a croissant, but it is fried and coated like a donut. It's the best of both worlds. It was a very enjoyable snack for $4.49. Not bad. If only I didn't have to travel so far to get another one.