Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Gibson Girl Holiday Ice Cream Cone

Since I love ice cream, I couldn't pass up the seasonal holiday waffle cone at Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in Disneyland. If you love peppermint candy canes, you'll want to try this waffle cone.
While walking down Main Street, it's hard for me to pass up ice cream. On this day, I gave in because I had to try the Crushed Candy Cane waffle cone. 
With this cone, a single scoop of ice cream is $4.99 and a double scoop is $5.49. The obvious choice is a double scoop. As you can see, I had mint and chip (my favorite) and chocolate. It is a bit messy when the candy cane pieces start to fall off, but well worth the mess. Another delicious holiday treat that should not be missed.

Candy Canes from Disneyland

Merry Christmas! Candy canes are a Christmas tradition and Disneyland makes some that are wonderful.
This picture shows the candy makers from the Candy Palace on Main St. in Disneyland, but they also make candy canes in Trolley Treats in California Adventure. On select days, you can line up in front of the store at or before park opening to get a wristband that allows you to purchase a candy cane that is made fresh that day. You can watch the candy makers create those huge peppermint candy canes in different batches during the day.
Here were the dates and locations for this year's candy canes. I've heard stories of people lining up early to get a wristband. The candy canes are coveted because it is rare to be able to buy one you can watch being made right in front of you and eat it on the same day. I think that's pretty awesome. 
Once you've received a wristband, the cast member lets you know what time your candy cane will be available for purchase. When you go to pick it up, they have it ready and wrapped in bubble wrap to make sure it makes it home in one piece. They cost $12.99. I know that's a little steep for a candy cane, but it is huge. It's about 13 inches long and more than enough to share. 
You can't get one like it anywhere else. The peppermint flavor is great. I would recommend trying it if you get the chance. Next year, I plan on going to watch the candy making process. I wasn't able to watch much of it this time, so I've got something to look forward to. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gingerbread Beignets and Pumpkin Pie Hot Chocolate

I've been enjoying the holidays in Disneyland and California Adventure. The decorations throughout both parks are pretty remarkable. 
There are also plenty of seasonal treats. I snapped these pictures above while on my way to try some of them in New Orleans Square.
Of course, I had to back to the Mint Julep Bar to try the gingerbread beignets. This is the 3-pack for $4.19. You can look back at my original and pumpkin beignets posts if you missed them.
It's almost too cute to eat...,but that didn't stop me. I really liked this flavor as well. If you like gingerbread, then you will like these.
Here's a shot of the inside of a beignet. You just have to go and try them yourself. Don't forget that you can also order them at Cafe Orleans.
The beignets are even better with some hot chocolate (or coffee if you prefer). I decided to get the pumpkin pie hot chocolate again since I heard how much someone else enjoyed it. The one that I got from my previous post did not come with whipped cream. For this reason, I decided that I needed a do-over.
This already looked much better to me. Whipped cream and a  little bit of shaved chocolate were placed on top. It really made all the difference. I enjoyed this one a lot more than the first time. The subtle pumpkin flavor mixed with chocolate is delicious. It tasted really good along with the gingerbread beignets. This was a perfect chilly afternoon treat.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving Treats for Limited Time Magic

This past week, Disneyland chose food as the focus for Limited Time Magic. Of course, that meant that I had to go and check it out. 
This was also my first time seeing the parks decorated for Christmas this year. I love this time of year.
Even the Dapper Dans get into the spirit.
My first food stop was at the Jolly Holiday Bakery. 
I love the Mary Poppins theme. I watched that movie a lot as a kid.
I got a caramel apple muffin for $3.19. I love caramel apples (especially Disney's) so I knew I would like it. Underneath the crumb topping, there were a couple of pieces of thinly sliced apple. The caramel made the muffin a little gooey, but still delicious. I hope  they still have this the next time I'm there. The cast member that helped me said that she waits all year for this to come back in season. Now, I will too.
Then, I headed into California Adventure to Cars Land. It is one of the few areas that transforms for Christmas.
Flo's V8 Cafe had another Limited Time Magic item. 
I love all of the details that they have in here. 
It really feels like you could be thrown back to the 1950's. 
This Christmas tree matches the decor perfectly. 
While I was in Flo's, I ordered the pumpkin pie hot chocolate. This appealed to me because I love hot chocolate and I have been enjoying all the pumpkin treats this season. The subtle pumpkin flavor was nice, but after a while it just tasted like the regular Disneyland hot chocolate to me. This tasty drink costs $3.19.
Later on, I made my way back over to Disneyland. I had to go to Tomorrowland to try the sweet potato turnovers ($5.19) from the Tomorrowland Terrace. 
Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and sweet potato pie is my favorite kind of pie. These turnovers were like eating sweet potatoes in a crispy, fried pie crust that was sprinkled with powdered sugar. They were great!
On that quick trip, that's all my stomach had room for. I can't wait to go back and try some other new things and have some old favorites.