Friday, September 13, 2013

Mickey Beignets

While on a recent trip to Disneyland with my brother and a friend, we decided to walk over to New Orleans Square to get some Mickey-shaped beignets. Unless you know to look for them, they can be easily missed. You can purchase them at the restaurant Cafe Orleans or at the Mint Julep Bar. Cafe Orleans is a sit-down restaurant with views of the Rivers of America and New Orleans Square with popular menu items such as the Monte Cristo sandwich and pommes frites. When you order beignets here, they are served with a raspberry coulis and a vanilla bean creme anglaise.
On this occasion, we opted for the quick stop at the Mint Julep Bar before heading over to ride the Haunted Mansion. The Mint Julep Bar is tucked in a little corner behind the French Market restaurant near the New Orleans Square Train Station. The beignets come in a 3-pack for $3.99 or a 6-pack for $6.99. When you pick up your order at the window, you get your beignets and lots of powdered sugar in a paper bag. Make sure you grab some napkins.
Above is a picture inside the bag of the 6-pack that my brother and I shared. You'll want to evenly distribute the powdered sugar to cover each of the beignets. To do this, hold the bag folded closed at the top and shake. Be careful because some of the powdered sugar will make it's way out of the folds at the bottom of the bag. Then, you are ready to enjoy.
Here is a close up of a delicious, fluffy, pillowy beignet. If you have never had one, the closest comparison would be a warm doughnut covered in powdered sugar. In my opinion, it tastes a little more unique than a doughnut and this one is shaped like Mickey. What's not to like? I must warn you that you will get powdered sugar all over the place when you eat these. You will need the napkins to dust it off of you. It's a small price to pay for such a wonderful treat.
If you are heading the parks soon, they will be offering pumpkin beignets for the holiday season. I can't wait to try those. Look for this post coming up!