Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disneyland Diamond Anniversary

Last month, Disneyland celebrated the official 60th anniversary (July 17th) of the opening of the park. 
I wasn't able to go, but I had a couple of correspondents that went and got some pictures for me. 
They picked up the special edition park maps that were only available on that day. As they entered the park, they also received a button that says "I was there July 17, 2015" with a picture of an original disneyland ticket. The Orange County Register gave out a limited number of their newspapers which featured vintage Disneyland pictures on the front page. 
Most birthday celebrations wouldn't be complete without cake. Disneyland was no exception. They had several areas throughout Disneyland and Disney California Adventure where guests could get a free cupcake. Below is the map where the cupcakes were given out.
With these cool signs, it doesn't look like you could have missed them.
They had thousands and thousands of cupcakes that were given out all day.
There was even a gluten-free option so that everyone could enjoy.
They look sooo good!
My correspondents also picked up this new Diamond Celebration caramel apple for me. 
The apple is dipped in caramel, then white chocolate after marshmallow ears are attached, covered in blue decorative sugar, and embellished with a chocolate square that has a diamond design with Mickey and Minnie. 
There was also a ceremony in Disneyland where they played  Walt Disney's opening day speech (as they do every year on the anniversary). A whole slew of Disney legends were recognized along with some the remaining Original Mousketeers. Richard Sherman spoke and played Walt's favorite song, Feed the Birds, while Broadway star Ashley Brown sang along. In the afternoon, there was a cavalcade featuring the Disney legends and current cast members. There are some videos on YouTube of both that can be found with a quick search. 
It looks and sounds like it was a fun day of festivities.