Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Time at Disneyland

 Well, Halloween is over but here is some of the seasonal fun and treats enjoyed this season.
The flowers in front of the train station are always a beautiful welcome. 
 The giant Mickey pumpkin is a great photo op. 
 All the orange and yellow really pops in the hub. This is a good spot to get a picture of the castle in the background even if it does already have snow on it the week before Halloween. Christmas and winter holidays will be in full swing before you know it.
 I love all the pumpkins and flowers surrounding Walt and Mickey's statue.

And now on to the treats.
 There are several different caramel apples available year round at Candy Palace on Main Street and Pooh's Corner in Critter Country in Disneyland and Trolley Treats in Disney's California Adventure, but this one of course is only around for Halloween Time.
 I love candy corn so this apple covered in caramel, chocolate, and candy corn was incredible.
 I enjoyed this caramel apple funnel cake at Hungry Bear Restaurant. The funnel cake was topped with powdered sugar, cinnamon apples, whipped topping shaped like Mickey, caramel, and some sort of cinnamon sugar crumble topping. It was delicious and huge. I shared it with a couple of friends and we still didn't finish it. 
 The are lots of pumpkin treats offered around the resort, but I only tried a couple. First was this piece of pumpkin fudge. It doesn't look like much, but it was SO good. It was hard to stop eating it. I don't think I've ever bought any of the other fudge at Disneyland, but I heard about how good this one was and decided to give it a try. I'll be checking to see if this is still around on my next visit. 
 I stopped by Maurice's Treats to check out the pumpkin twist. I heard good things about this as well, so I was excited to try it. 
 These are all the different twists in their display case. I believe they are chocolate, strawberry, garlic, and the seasonal pumpkin.
The flaky pastry is filled with pumpkin and a little bit of spice and sprinkled with sugar. It's really good.  I would have to say that this was my favorite snack of the season. 
 Over in California Adventure, I headed over to Schmoozies! to try their caramel apple smoothie. 
 I didn't have enough of an appetite to try the pumpkin muffin. Oh well. 
I wasn't too sure about what the smoothie would taste like, but I really enjoyed it. A sweet, refreshing, cool drink while walking around the parks on an 85 degree day was perfect. 
These Mickey Halloween bat cookies are always good. It is a shortbread cookie topped with chocolate and decorated to look like a Mickey bat. They are not only delicious, but cute and quite big. 

Those were all the seasonal items I was able to enjoy this Halloween Time. There were even more that I didn't get to. Maybe next year! I'll leave you with some more of the holiday decorations around the park.
 Near the Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurant in Frontierland is a Dia de Los Muertos display. 
 Here is a little more information about this holiday from the Disney Parks Blog.
I took another picture when I was passing by at dusk. 
 Across the way is the Halloween tree. I love it's orange glow at night. 
 I stopped by the Haunted Mansion Holiday, but it was broken down at the time. I've already ridden it a couple this season, but looking forward to riding it again until January.
This was my last picture of the Mickey pumpkin until next year. Soon the giant Christmas tree will take it's spot.